Privacy Policy has a strict privacy policy that is in place to protect the data of our customers, employees and those who visit our websites. By visiting our website and making use of our services you are therein agreeing to this privacy policy.


Like most websites uses special small files that are stored on your computer. These files contain vital information about your computer like Browser type, screen size, etc that ensure our services are delivered to you correctly. These types of cookies are called essential cookies because without them our website wouldn’t operate as intended for users. By using our services, you are therefore agreeing to the use and storage of these cookies. makes use of analytic services like Google Analytics to provide non individual information about users who access the website. The data we record includes geographical area (non-specific for example state or country like England, Scotland or Wales) and how many times a user has visited the website. This type of information is submitted from all browsers unless a user specifically enables “do not track” requests from their web browsers. A do not track request is a special request made in code from your browser to the analytic service that requests that the service does not log any details about your visit to the site. Cookies of this nature are called “tracking cookies” and are considered to be non-essential i.e. not enabling these cookies will not disrupt the services provided to a user by our website. By using our services, you are therefore agreeing to the use and storage of these cookies unless you have specifically enabled “do not track” requests from your browser.

Personal data that you submit to us

When a user chooses to submit personal data to or its related services (for example our support tool) we treat it in certain ways which ensure that data is safe and secure. and the services it operates guarantee that personal information:
· Is always sent to a secure database that can only be accessed by team members who require it.
· Is never sold or given to third parties unless they require it in order to provide essential services which you agree to.
· Is never discussed or shared with anyone outside of who you don’t permit unless officially required by Law enforcement, government agency or a court order.
We are only responsible for the information and data stored on our systems. We are not responsible for data you submit to third party services even if that information is related to
Email addresses and communication information:
· does not sell your personal information and this includes email addresses. We are not responsible for third parties and we advise that you review the privacy policies provided by third parties before using their services. Some of our services for example our support tools are provided by third parties that have their own policy documents in relation to what they do with a user’s personal information.
· does not send unsolicited emails or communications. This means we do not communicate with you directly or indirectly unless you request that contact. Some forms of communication such as our websites live-chat function enable you to communicate with various other persons including but not limited to random members of the public and our own team. When you engage in these functions you are consenting to that communication and must accept the rules set forth by this privacy policy (for example you are prohibited to share email addresses or personal information that may be communicated through our services.)
If you decide to provide a third party service personal information or communication information then we are no longer responsible for what happens to it even if that information was provided in relation to one of our services.

Third party services uses the following providers that handle and store personal information. We are not responsible or culpable for any action undertaken by these organizations and you must agree to their privacy policies before using our services.
Valve Corporation – The providers of Steam.
Google Analytics - The providers of analytics tools.
freshdesk – The providers of our support tools.